Tax Collector

Luann Krenitsky
(570) 562-1400 Ext. 112
Mail payments to :
Taylor Borough Building
122 Union St.
Taylor, PA 18517
Attention: Taylor Borough, Tax Collector

Accepted payment methods are cash, money order, certified checks and personal checks for paying taxes. Checks should be made payable to the Tax Collector only. Payment cannot be made at any bank.  Taylor Borough Tax Collector is an Elected Official, who collects both Taylor Borough real estate tax and Riverside School District real estate tax (Taylor Borough property owners only).


* 2021 Taylor Borough Real Estate Tax 22.300 mills
* 2021 Riverside SD Real Estate Tax 128.73 mills
* 2021 Taylor Borough has NO Garbage fee


If you live in the Borough of Taylor and are employed either in the Borough or outside the Borough, you will pay a one- percent (1%) earned Income Tax on you wages. This tax is divided between the School District and the Borough equally. Starting 2012 this tax is collected and maintained by Berkheimer Tax Administrator ( PDS 350801.   This tax is not administered in any way by the elected Tax Collector.


This tax is collected by Berkheimer Tax Administration and is $52.00 of which $5.00 goes to Riverside School District and $47.00 goes to Taylor Borough. This “LST” tax is paid by anyone who works in Taylor Borough.

Riverside School Taxes are collected on a yearly basis with the schedule above. Please remember that the Tax Collector will not be able to collect taxes after December 31, mandated by law.

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Taylor, PA 18517
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