Taylor Borough Vacancy Board

Vacancy Board

The successful operation of a borough is a complex task requiring the time and effort of many individuals—both elected and appointed. The Borough Code and other state enabling legislation allow councils to enlist the capabilities of citizens through the establishment of various advisory boards and commissions. Although a few of these bodies are mandatory, such as zoning hearing boards in communities that have adopted zoning ordinances, many others are permissive. The use of advisory boards and commissions not only allows councils to draw on the talents and abilities of citizens with particular expertise, but also provides a channel for citizens to become more directly involved in municipal government. The members of   Taylor Borough advisory bodies serve without compensation and contribute many valuable hours of service to the community.

If a vacancy occurs in the Office of Mayor, Member of Council or Tax Collector by death, resignation, moving from the Borough, the Borough Council has 30 days to fill such vacancy. If Borough Council fails, for any reason, to fill this vacancy in the required 30 days, then the vacancy shall be filled within 15 additional days by the Vacancy Board. The Vacancy Board consists of Borough Council, exclusive of the Mayor, and one registered elector of the Borough who is appointed by the Borough Council at the Reorganization Meeting, which is held the first Monday in January after a municipal election. This individual serves as Chairman of the Vacancy Board.

The current Chairman of the Vacancy Board is: Jeffrey Thomas