Taylor Borough Council Committees

 Updated 8/16/2022 

The Council President appoints chairpersons of any particular committee. The Chairman is the key person for their respective appointed committee. However, the Borough Council meets as a whole on the Second Wednesday of each Month at 7:00 PM. There is no official action taken at these meetings, which are intended to serve as a means of discussing issues and for the exchange and sharing of ideas and information.

Budget & Finance – John Tigue-Chairman, James Digwood, Fran DeAngelo The Budget and Finance Committee has oversight responsibility for the preparation, presentation, revisions and completion of the annual budget, estimate of revenues and expenditures for each ensuing year with procedures established by the Pennsylvania Borough Code. The Committee recommends the rate of tax or taxes required to be levied to meet the proposed expenditures. The Committee also reviews all bills on the bill list submitted to Council for approval and has oversight of spending in compliance with budgeted categories.Parks & Recreation – Fran DeAngelo-Chairman, Dick Nezlo, Chuck McKeel – The Parks and Recreation Committee shall have the oversight of all grounds and buildings used for public recreational purposes. Borough recreation programs shall be under the oversight of this Committee, which shall also coordinate other recreational programs having use of Borough facilities. 
Public Works – James Digwood-Chairman, Fran DeAngelo, Leonard Maldonato – The Public Works Committee shall have the responsibility to oversee and insure the cost effective and efficient, operation the Department of Public works and services in the borough. including trash removal, recycling, leave collection, snow removal,paving, pump station facilities,m and storm sewer maintenance. The committee also oversees and makes recommendations for maintenance and improvements to the borough streets, in consultation with the borough Engineer. This Committee shall further have responsibility for the Borough garages, grounds use for storage of supplies and all equipment purchased for borough use. Public Safety – John Tigue – Chairman, Dick Nezlo, Leonard Maldonato – The Public Safety Committee shall have the oversight responsibility of the boroughs two fire department and police department. This committee also addresses any other public safety issues, in the Borough. The Public Safety Committee examines ideas and concepts to improve public safety and work in conjunction with the Fire Chief , Chief of Police and Mayor to assure the Police Department and Fire Departments works in an efficient manner. The committee will recommend draft resolutions, ordinances and motions for consideration by Borough Council. The committee will also review and comment on budget items related to public safety. This Committee shall work in cooperation with the Mayor of the Borough and shall not contravene the legal authority of the Mayor as said authority over the Police Department is delegated in the Borough Code.
Personnel & Policy – James Digwood – Chairman, Kenneth F. Mickavicz, Chuck McKeel – The Committee on Personnel shall, in conjunction with the Borough Manager, develop and recommend approval of personnel policies; recommend to Council the hiring, dismissal or discipline of municipal employees; be Council’s conduit for the negotiation of all personnel contracts and recommend the entering into of such contracts; recommend management salaries and benefits; develop and recommend approval of grievance policies for employees not covered by then current labor agreements; and shall attend to all duties which may be properly referred to such Committee by Council.Environmental – Chuck McKeel – Chairman, John Tigue, Fran DeAngelo – The Committee shall advise Council and educate the citizens of the Borough of Taylor, on matters that affect the quality of the environment in the borough, including those relating to the protection, conservation, management, promotion, and use of natural resources, including air, land and water resources located within the Borough. 
Buildings & Grounds – Fran DeAngelo – Chairman, Dick Nezlo, Leonard Maldonato – The Committee shall review and monitor of all Municipal owned buildings and properties to determine necessary updates, replacements and repairs. The committee will then recommend to Council prioritization of any repairs in order to keep the Borough Properties up to date.