Employment Opportunities:

Full time Public Works Employee

Position: Laborer

Under general supervision, this employee will repair, upgrade, and maintain borough roads, infrastructure, parks, borough owned properties, facilities, and grounds, and perform other general maintenance tasks to improve borough grounds and facilities. May operate light, medium, or heavy equipment, or perform skilled work depending on level of experience and training and needs of Taylor Borough.

1. Adheres to all applicable safety procedures while operating equipment and tools, working with chemicals or electrical sources, accessing confined spaces and while working in other dangerous situations.

2.Operation of rear load compactor for collection of recycling and yard waste. When not operating may be assigned as laborer behind compactor while other employee operates. During stop with a large amount or recycling or yard waste, operator is expected to exit and assist ground laborer.

3. Repair and or perform general maintenance tasks on borough roads; apply asphalt, cold patching materials, and concrete; repair of replace storm drainage pipes; grade and clean shoulders; erect and repair guiderail and signs; remove weeds and mow road banks and shoulders; remove leaves; use hand shovels to dig trenches, load trucks, and spread materials; operate manual, pneumatic, and power maintenance tools including, but not limited to rakes, picks, hammers, saws, jackhammer, tamper, and chainsaw.

4. Checks vehicles for proper operating condition and maintains designated logs on a daily basis.

5. May operate light, medium, and heavy weight trucks to pull auxiliary equipment or haul materials including, but not limited to stone, sand, gravel, dirt, cinders, wood, trash, pipes, timber, machinery, tools.

6. May operate heavy construction equipment including, but not limited to loaders, backhoe, excavator; to excavate level terrain, move earth or materials or load trucks.

7. Preparation, maintenance and operation of all snow removal related equipment; To salt streets and parking lots; loading salt and snow.

8. Replace worn and/or damaged parts on vehicles and equipment including, but not limited to hoses, wiring, belts, and filters. Perform routine maintenance tasks including but not limited to change oil, check fluid, tires, battery, radiator, transmission, and brakes. Wash and grease equipment and parts.

9. Performs routine preventive maintenance and repairs including but not limited to trucks, vehicles, equipment, machinery, and tools. Maintains vehicle maintenance logs.

10. Repairs of surface and subsurface drainage systems to control water on roadways. Dig drainage ditches, cleans out drains, pipes, streams, and flood control structures.

11. Works with other employees in repairing road surfaces, installing, and repairing signs and guiderails, and removing debris from drainage areas.

12. Survey conditions of roads, buildings and parks, informing Public Works Director or Public Works Foreman of poor conditions and or problems.

13. Perform landscaping tasks at municipal buildings, parks and recreational areas, and repairs playground equipment. Operates large grass and brush mowers and other equipment pushed and or pulled by a tractor. Cut, brush, mow grass, and weed, remove debris, trash, and or refuse. Plant trees, shrubbery, and grass.

14. Performs basic carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, and masonry tasks to improve and or upgrade borough grounds, facilities, and properties. May install or repair plumbing systems, drainage systems, pumps, playground equipment, and or shelters. May use portable hand and power tools including but not limited to drills, saws, sanders, hammers, wrenches, chisels, squares, welder, and paint sprayer.

15. Work with other DPW employees to clean the DPW facility on a daily basis and occasionally perform cleaning tasks at other Borough owned facilities and parks.

16. Performs other work, tasks, and or assignments as assigned by the Public Works Director, Foreman or Borough Manager.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
1. Knowledge of state laws pertaining to the safe operation of motor vehicles on streets, roads and highways, and in parks.

2. Skill in the operation of motor vehicles, dump trucks, and attached equipment, backhoes, mowers, manual, pneumatic, and power hand tools, and similar maintenance equipment.

3. Knowledge of standard practices and techniques of road maintenance. Knowledge of the occupational hazards and required safety precautions of working on public roads and working around construction equipment.

4. Skill in the operation of construction and maintenance equipment. Knowledge of the care and use of tools used in the maintenance and repair of motorized equipment.

5. Ability to recognize defective operation of trucks, construction equipment, and to perform routine maintenance operations.

6. Thorough knowledge of the safety practices and procedures for equipment and tools.

7. Ability to communicate clearly, concisely, orally, and written.

8. Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.

9. Thorough knowledge of borough and department policies, procedures, and work rules.

10. Ability to stand, walk, crouch, climb ladders, and exert 50 to 100 pounds of force occasionally, or 25 to 50 pounds for prolonged periods of time.

11. Sufficient physical strength and freedom from disabilities to lift, carry, push and or pull heavy objects or materials up to 80 pounds. Tasks that require moving objects of significant weight require the assistance of another person and or use of proper techniques.12. Ability to perform manual tasks or operate equipment at heights up to 30 feet for extended periods of time in possible adverse weather conditions.

13. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates, contractors, and the public.

14. Ability to maintain a neat and clean appearance.

Minimum Education, Training, and Experience Required
1. High school diploma and or equivalent.

2. CPR and/or first aid training preferred but not required.

License Requirements
1. Possession of a valid Pennsylvania Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Class B with air brake endorsement.

Medical Examination
1. A pre-employment medical examination provided by the Borough of Taylor may be required upon offer of employment.

Job Type
Full time Successful candidate will become eligible to join SEIU 668.

Benefits – Starting hourly rate is $21.00 per hour. Employee Only (Addition of Spouse/Children possible, with Employee paying $100.00 per month.) Health insurance, Dental insurance, Vision insurance, Life insurance, Retirement plan, Paid Time Off.

Schedule – 8 hour shift (7:00 A.M. until 3:30 P.M.) Monday through Friday, subject to mandatory overtime.

Interested parties can email their resume to kenglehardt@taylorborough.com


Taylor Borough is seeking applications for a part time clerk position at the Taylor Community Center, such position is “at will” and only arises at such time as the needs of the Borough.  The Borough desires that certain certifications and back ground material be submitted with the application.  The applicants must submit and secure the  following  documentation with their applications:

  • Current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation ( CPR)
  • Act 34 Clearances
  • Act 114 Clearances
  • Act 151 Clearances

Applications can be obtained at the Taylor Borough Building 122 Union St Taylor, 
from the Borough Secretary (570) 562-1400 Ext. 110 or Emailing kenglehardt@taylorborough.com