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This is the official website of the Borough of Taylor. Taylor is a borough in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, four miles southwest of Scranton on the Lackawanna River. The history of Taylor Borough is an interesting journey. It was founded in 1790 by Cornelius Atherton. Silk manufacturing and coal mining were once practiced in the borough. It is our intention at TaylorBorough.com to provide it’s visitors with an informative recap of our community. Taylor Borough has been a unique place to live and work. We hope that the information on this website will be useful and informational.

Recycling Schedule

Please note that recycling can be placed in open containers other than the traditional recycling cans. Capacity should be 35 gallons or less, color doesn’t matter.

Taylor Borough Yard Waste Pickup – Yard waste will be picked up each Monday. Yard & leaf waste should not be out for collection any sooner than 5:00 P.M. on the day before the scheduled collection day. The use of plastic bags is prohibited for the collection of all yard waste. Yard waste must be kept in separate containers and not mixed into containers with recycling or garbage.

Recycling Schedule 

Trash and Recycling Routes

2018 Recycling Schedule Download CLICK HERE


Street and Roadway Repair

Residents are encouraged to contact the Borough to report any severe problems such as Large Potholes, Open Holes, Non-Functioning Storm Sewer Catch Basins, Severe Depressions and so on.

Fireworks Display Application (Click Here)

The Taylor Police Department has now partnered with CARFAX.

Click HERE to view the information

Special Notices & Meetings

On June 29, 2018 residents can place out at curbside E-Recycling for pickup by D.P.W. This is a 1 day only service.

Any questions, please call William Dixon, D.P.W. Director at (570) 562-1413, thank you.

Please refer to the E-Recycling flyer for proper E-Recycling items. (Click Here)


NOTICE is hereby given that the Taylor Borough Council will hold a public hearing on July 11, 2018 at 7:00 PM in the Taylor Borough Municipal Building, Council Chambers, 122 Union Street, Taylor, Pennsylvania to Amend  the Taylor Borough Zoning  Ordinance AND MAP OF THE BOROUGH OF TAYLOR TO REZONE CERTAIN PARCELS OF LAND OF IN AND AROUND OAK STREET, TAYLOR, PA FROM C-2 A COMMUNITY COMMERCIAL TO C-3 HEAVY COMMERCIAL, ALL SUCH REZONED LANDS CONTAINING APPROXIMATELY 90 ACRES, MORE OR LESS.

A public meeting of the Taylor Borough Council will commence on July 11, 2018 at 7:30 PM in Council Chambers at the above-listed location to conduct general business and to consider enacting the Ordinance.

A copy of the full text of the proposed Ordinance and proposed Map may be examined or a copy may be obtained for a charge not greater than the cost thereof in the Manager’s Office at the above-referenced Municipal Building during any business day between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM.

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